Victoria Avenue

Building Excellence Award Winner 2021

Victoria Avenue walk through

Victoria Avenue environmental site plan

Located on one of Adelaide’s most prestigious streets, our Victoria Avenue project cleverly walks the line between its contemporary design and the surrounding heritage streetscapes. The client tasked us to deliver a large four-bedroom family home with multiple living areas and a seamless connection to the pool and tennis court in the backyard.

The unusual, shaped block backs onto a creek and presented us with the first of a range of integrated design and construction challenges that we are uniquely placed to address. The rear of the home sits on a suspended slab with 7m piers to mitigate the risks of construction within the creek’s outer flood zone. The pool is structurally integrated into the home, supporting the master bedroom wall and requiring careful use of slab set downs and management of waterproofing during construction. Large frameless glass windows complete the illusion of being able to dip your toes in the pool from bed on a summer night.

Natural materials shine in this home, and nowhere more so that the main living area. Wide plank Spotted Gum hardwood flooring is mirrored on the ceiling by narrow Spotted Gum acoustic slats. The natural edges and rich earthy tones of the rammed-earth walls sit comfortably next to the sharper lines of the kitchen and the 1000 bottle wine room tucked behind it. The 4.3m off-form concaved concrete island bench is central to the area and both simple in its elegance and complex in its construction and detailing to achieve. Round structural columns and spider clamps allow for a large 3.6m high glazed wall with minimum obstruction of the outlook over the pool and tennis court.

Everywhere you look in our Victoria Avenue project you will find the little details and seamless connections that make this home special, and behind each of these is the integration of design and construction needed at every step of the way to achieve it.

A proud project for us and a special home for our client who love where they live.

Environmental Sustainability

Aesthetically rich internal rammed-earth walls provide important thermal mass to maintain even temperatures in the home, while the rammed-earth fireplace absorbs heat to be slowly released back into the main living area long after it has been turned off.

Tall ceilings throughout, in combination with carefully placed high level openings promote cross ventilation and passive cooling of the home. Double glazed windows and high rated insulation form part of a high-performance energy efficient building envelope protecting the warmth or coolth stored in the rammed-earth walls depending on the season.

A 19Kw solar system, LED lighting throughout and efficient multi-head air-conditioning units ensure the home minimises power use at the meter. A 22,000 litre in-ground concrete rainwater tanks provides plenty of water while being discreetly tucked out of view.