Stephens Street

Tightly situated in the CBD of Adelaide, our Stephens Street project is packed with all the detail of our larger projects. Buildings on each side boundary gave us 4.8m to achieve the unique three-bedroom, two-bathroom, open plan living home our clients asked for.

Limited rear access, saw careful and constant site management of material deliveries and trades. Protecting and refurbishing the adjoining 100-year-old plus residences party walls was an important part of the build. Both walls were successfully brought up to code for water proofing, damp treatment, and fire protection helping to ensure a safe and sound home long into the future.

Achieving the client’s dream home on such a small site required us to understand every aspect of its three-dimensional layout. Bringing natural light and fresh air to a lower-level bathroom in the middle of the home is no small feat, but with a staircase cleverly wrapped around an openable roof window shaft we achieved just that.

The open plan kitchen and living space is a triumph of efficient use of space. Careful management of what they eye sees gives the impression of a space much larger than its floor area. Uninterrupted artisan joinery conceals many of the appliances, and careful use of a dark material palette creates a recessive kitchen that doesn’t overpower the main living room.

Neatly tucked away behind pocket doors, the real gem of the open plan area is the bar. Lots of fun was had with this space, and it oozes cocktail bar charm with its green marble and brass shelving. Its 50 plus bottle capacity is one of many great examples of how this home efficiently combines beauty and practicality.

The off-form concrete fireplace plinth in platinum white is a beautiful example with its undercuts and multiple adjoining faces.

This detailed home has preserved the heritage streetscape whilst cleverly giving its owners all the modern facilities they required for city living. Less really is more.

Environmental Sustainability

By achieving so much is such a small building envelope, our clients are heating and cooling a small area relative to the lifestyle this 6-star rated home affords to them. Fans in the living area and bedrooms cool in summer and circulate warmth in winter, delaying the need for and increasing the efficiency of other active heating and cooling sources.

A small landing on the first floor with closable doors allows the ground and first floor areas to be easily isolated from one another. Joinery placed on external walls provides extra insulation further reducing the home’s heating and cooling load.

Careful placement of skylights and high windows gives access to natural light and effective cross ventilation to creates a light an airy feeling in a home with few external walls. Blinds built into the skylights further protect from unwanted radiant solar heat gains in summer.

The high thermal mass concrete plinth under the slow combustion fireplace charges up and stores heat to be released back into the space overnight. The current owners are lucky enough to have access to a sustainably managed source of firewood helping to keep the home toasty warm and green through winter.

LED lighting throughout is sealed at the ceiling to ensure both low power consumption and no unwanted air-leaks. A 5.8kW solar systems further increases the efficiency of this compact home that offers so much.