Gulf Parade

Gulf Parade walk through

This large family home in South Brighton was built on an elevated position with commanding views over both the ocean and the Adelaide hills.

The elevated position of the site attracted the attention of the council planners. Through Finesse Built’s experience we were able to negotiate a good outcome for both parties, achieving a maximum floor height to maintain ocean views for the client, while minimising the impact on the ridgeline for the council.

With amazing views in almost every direction it was a challenge to balance the glazing and openness of the home with the need for privacy and some solid walls. One unique response was the structural glass walkway to the first-floor master bedroom that both maintains internal views and provides a metaphorical break for the parental retreat.

The often contemporary and minimalistic forms of the home are balanced using natural and textured materials and finishes such as timber panelling, rammed-earth feature walls, and a mix of polished concrete and timber floors. These materials are further enhanced by the clever use of a contrasting dark and light colour palette throughout the home. The kitchen is a great example with its contrasting cabinets and ceiling panels clearly delineating the space from the rest of the open living area.

The beautiful internal joinery and timber panelling with concealed fixtures and fittings is a testament to the close working relationship we have with our cabinet makers and other trades.

Not to be outdone by the interior, the sharing of forms between the house and the pool creates some of the most interesting and luxurious parts of the home, and opportunities for the pool lighting to shine at night.

Environmental Sustainability
The sheer amount of glazing in this home saw the need for smart design thinking around placement of windows and doors to get the best of the views while maintaining both privacy and protection from excess summer heat-gain.

Deep eaves and overhangs in combination with operable high-level windows are a key part of this home’s ability to passively cool itself and take advantage of breezes from any direction.

During winter, a hydronic-heated and insulated polished concrete ground floor provides a gentle heat that rises from the base of the building to the upper level.

The internally located air-conditioning unit in the garage is protected from the worst of the costal weather while providing a cooler shaded location for more efficient summer cooling, and higher winter temperatures for more efficient winter heating.

18kw of roof top solar panels, and a 22,000 litre rainwater tank ensures that the home goes a long way to contributing to the water and power needs of the home.