George Street South

locationSouth Brighton
floor area356 m2

The award-winning project showcases exceptional design within a confined space of a narrow 12m wide block. A monolithic form above contrasts sharply with the timber-cladded structure below. The design deftly conceals essential elements like the tilt-lift garage door and electric meter box within the front walls, contributing to the sleek, uncluttered streetscape.


Environmental Sustainability

The upper roof was cleverly designed to accommodate a 38 panel, 10.45kW solar system, as well as a dual skillion roof at the rear of the home to allow for access to natural northern light through highlight windows.

Louvre windows were incorporated to the upper west facing windows to capture the south-westerly breeze to both, naturally cool the home, and reduce heat gain from the afternoon summer sun with Low-E glazing.

The risk of overshadowing from adjacent homes required clever articulation of the northern side of the home. This was done to accommodate and take advantage of the northern aspect with high level windows and internal courtyards. Careful consideration was made also made to prevent overshadowing of neighbouring dwellings’, open spaces, and solar panels.

As you step through the oversized front entry door, the feature staircase immediately impresses, setting the tone for the rest of the house. This entry foyer is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship that not only welcomes but leads you on a journey through the home.

The broad passageway, lit by natural light, escorts you past the master suite, showcasing the house’s thoughtful layout. The staircase, a focal point of the entry foyer, adds an artistic flair while effectively utilizing the space.

The kitchen is an exercise in thoughtful design and immaculate execution. Fully equipped and intuitively organized, this space serves as a focal point for family activities and entertaining guests.

Moving past the kitchen, you find yourself in the spacious main living area. This area is designed for day-to-day living, with the attention to detail and high quality that permeates the rest of the home clearly visible here.

The home is imbued with warmth and charm through the inclusion of a stylish, modern fireplace. It serves as a comfortable gathering spot during cooler months and adds to the home’s ambiance.

The upper level is dedicated to the minor bedrooms, each expertly designed to maximize space and comfort. The upstairs living area is a testament to effective space utilization, offering an intimate, comfortable setting for relaxation. The bathrooms, like the rest of the home, exhibit the high-quality design and construction that this project embodies.

Beyond the living area lies the alfresco dining area, perfectly designed for entertaining guests. Adjacent to this outdoor dining space, a sparkling pool adds a touch of luxury, complementing the overall design and aesthetics of the house.