Esplanade Seaford

Doing history proud. Modern amenity meets the best of beach holiday nostalgia.

floor area406 m2

Some homes are just easy to live in, making day-to-day life for their owners special. Our project at the Esplanade Seaford is one of those homes, and one we are very proud of.

Simple forms with a cantilevered master bedroom and upstairs alfresco dining area add interest to the front façade. Windows set back to create an eave overhang and privacy from the neighbours on each side.

The external colour palette is predominately monochromatic with considered colour and texture added through cedar front door and soffit lining, and natural stonework on the ground floor.

A low maintenance front garden with steppingstones brings you past striking feature plants where you are greeted at the front door by a cactus that exudes personality and a wide entry hall inviting you in.


Environmental sustainability

The west facing view of Adelaide’s coastline always presents a challenge for managing heating and cooling. Having to sacrifice the perfect orientation to the view, extra care is taken in both the material selection and detailing during construction to ensure the home performs well. Insulation, effective thermal breaks, and sealing of the building envelope all ensure that any active heating or cooling required stays inside.

Placement of the first-floor alfresco dining area, and deep eaves were used to maximise the time that the upstairs main living area is protected by shade during summer while maintaining the sea views.

We were able to further improve on the WNW orientation to by using a large north facing corner window in the master suite to bring in more passive winter heating. A blade wall between the inside and outside dining areas both beautifully frames the views, and cleverly protects the main living area from later afternoon sun.

The subtle colours and clean forms are continued in the upstairs kitchen with its views over beach. The muted green-grey tiled splash back is both a feature while not dominating and becomes the perfect backdrop for potted plants on the concealed-fixing open timber shelving.

Feature timber is carefully used throughout the space, further highlighted by the plain white it often sits adjacent to. This is particularly well highlighted through the inset timber bench to the living room side of the kitchen. It is part functional space, part display space, and the perfect place from which to brew the morning coffee or prepare drinks for guests.

A completely rounded feature island bench shows what can be achieved with form and shadow lines in an otherwise single colour piece.

The open plan living and dining area makes the most of its elevation, while careful placement of the columns and blade walls create a space that is both open to the view and intimately frames parts of it depending on where you are.

Indoor and outdoor dining spaces are close to the kitchen, making for the best dining experiences across the seasons. An inbuilt fireplace makes this a beach home you can enjoy as much during a winter storm rolling-in off the sea as on a perfect summer’s day.

Floor to ceiling sheer curtains provide daytime privacy when needed, with roller blinds blocking out the windows at night.

The master suite tucked into one corner of the first floor gives a greater sense of space through the clever use of large corner windows that offer views both over the sea and along the coastline.

Less is more in the ensuite. Walking past a frameless floor to ceiling glass panel, the shower and bath occupies creates a wet room drained by a full-length stainless-steel strip drain.

The rigour of the simple exterior colour palette is also on show in the ensuite with subtle texture and colour from floor to ceiling stone tiling with feature colour from a wall-hung timber vanity.

Considered use of natural materials forms a key part of this home’s design aesthetic. Natural materials like solid timber, stonework, and rattan are part of a complimentary warm palette, and has been further carried through to the homeowner’s furniture choices.

The semi-cantilevered stairwell, surrounding entry, and hallway is a great example of how all the different parts of this home’s aesthetic comes together, through its simplicity of form, choice of materials, and connections between materials.

Practicality and ease of living is carried throughout the design. Spaces for the storage of coats, shoes and bags have received as much care in detailing as the main areas of the house. This care and attention to details helps the home present as a cohesive experience throughout.

A second alfresco dining area on the ground floor opens out onto the backyard and gives a fantastic alternative for when kids need to run around the backyard, or the first-floor dining area is exposed to sun or strong winds.