Beach Street

A thoughtfully designed plan to zone communal living and private retreat.

floor area379 m2

This home epitomizes modern beachside living. Its thoughtful design zones communal and private spaces, and the continuity of materials creates a dialogue between the interior and exterior. The resulting combination of innovation, edgy style, high-quality fixtures, and precise workmanship makes this home a stunning reflection of modern architecture.

The Building Supervisor’s continuous presence throughout the 32-week construction ensured this modern beachside home was completed on time and to the highest quality. The front exterior, featuring a timber stepping stone path and a vibrant living vertical wall, showcases a blend of nature and innovation. Western Red Cedar shiplap cladding and soffit lining accentuate the protruding elements on the front façade, adding a warm contrast to the cool green of the living wall.


Environmental Sustainability

This home maximizes natural light and encourages airflow through its internal courtyard and large windows. The North-facing kitchen, living and family areas filter winter sun into the heart of the home, while expansive eaves shade the windows in summer, minimizing the need for mechanical heating and cooling. Comfort Plus glazing on the upper floor Western façade further reduces solar gain.

The kitchen is a masterful play of contrasting materials and colour. Black joinery strikes a balance with the warmth of timber used in the overhead cupboards, creating an eye-catching asymmetry. Positioned to capture views of the internal courtyard and rear garden, it’s a place that encourages communal interaction and offers a visual treat.

The upper level of the home, a private retreat, houses all the bedrooms and bathrooms. The master bedroom, enriched with curtain pelmets and acoustic insulation, ensures tranquillity and comfort. This is further enhanced by the ensuite, equipped with high-quality fixtures that reflect precise workmanship.

The hallways and second living space, like a series of projecting boxes, craft a variety of spaces that open to the outside. These areas are shaped and defined by these innovative architectural elements, differentiating between private and communal space.

An internal courtyard is the heart of the home, promoting cross-ventilation in the open plan living area. The skillion roof integrates high-level windows that flood this space with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. Bifold doors seamlessly connect the internal courtyard to the alfresco dining area, further blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

The backyard is home to the magnificent pool and a spacious tiled alfresco that steps down to a sunken firepit. Direct stick timber flooring, a built-in gas fireplace, and the highest quality fixtures and finishes burst forth in these areas, creating a luxurious and relaxing outdoor haven.