Adelaide Hills

A sanctuary that’s hard to leave. Peaceful country living at its best.

locationAdelaide Hills
floor area624 m2

This new build in the Adelaide Hills is designed to be a sanctuary making full use of the freedom of its long rural views and surrounding landscape.

The home is a confluence of styles our well-travelled clients have encountered around the world, and neatly comes together to create this modern Australian estate.

Designed as a series of pavilions, the home is broadly zoned by function giving flexibility for it to respond to the day-to-day needs of our clients.

Ease of amenity has been considered throughout starting with the large cantilevered porch at the homes entry to help visitors get in and our during rainy Adelaide Hills weather.

Material selection and detailing is an important part of this home’s aesthetic. Off-form rammed earth, timber cladding, copper down pipes, and the exposed structural detailing at the eaves all speak to this focus on material and detailing.

Everywhere you look there are small details to notice such as the angled corner purlin, or the inset steel flashing between rammed earth and timber cladding.

The large main living area feels open and airy thanks to the homes pavilion layout and use of internal courtyards, with large sliding doors and commercial grade windows connecting the internal and external living spaces.

A central rammed earth fireplace is both beautiful, functional, acting as protected thermal mass, particularly for the fireplace in winter. Each side of the fireplace, large, hinged doors allow the formal living room to be closed off for both noise, and to reduce the spaces to be heated or cooled.

Linear slot air conditioning grates and ceiling mounted speakers help ensure amenities are met while maintaining a minimal, uncluttered form.

With all the glazing and the richness of the natural materials used throughout, the home feels balanced with minimal furniture and artwork.

The relatively muted and plain colours of the kitchen cabinetry elevates the surrounding natural materials rather than competing with them, and in its own way allows both to shine without competing with each other or being over the top.

A large stacking sliding door opens onto the alfresco dining area making the two spaces become one.

A butler’s pantry tucked around the corner offers all the space, storage and features you could ever want while keeping the main kitchen in balance with the adjacent open plan living space.

Floating open timber shelves on the rammed earth walls are a testament to careful planning and construction with no second chances if you get it wrong.

The infinity pool with its paddling area offers something for everyone, whether it be young children playing, or an adult sitting on the edge to cool the feet.

Careful consideration has been given to minimise the visual impact of pool fencing while maintaining safety. By integrating the infinity edge and using the living room windows as part of the pool fence, frameless glass fencing is only needed on each side of the pool.

Placement of the pool next to the living area also allows it to double as a reflection pond with its long rural views beyond.

Night or day the purposefully lower profile of the home sits comfortably on the ridgeline and is the perfect place to spend time during the cooler summer evening of the Adelaide Hills.

Picture windows in the master suite borrow from the landscape allowing simpler finishes inside, while clean lines with rich natural materials continues in the ensuite.

The corner window makes for a very contemplative shower, also making the best of the long views outside.

A dedicated dressing room ensures everything has its place and helps keep the bedroom and ensuite peaceful and free of clutter.

The high level of finish continues into the more utilitarian areas of the home, such as the laundry and the mudroom that is so necessary for country living.

Environmental Sustainability

Heating and cooling are usually the single largest energy consumer and running cost in a modern house, and something that this home has been designed to manage effectively from the ground up.

The zoned nature of both the pavilion building forms as well as the ability to close off rooms inside gives this home the flexibility to adjust to the owners needs across the seasons and as needs arise.

A centrally located rammed earth fireplace acts as protected thermal mass, soaking up the heat of the double-sided fireplace in winter and slowly releasing the warmth back into the room long after the fire has gone out.

Ample north facing windows allow for good winter heat gain, while appropriately designed eaves and shade structures protect the home from the worst of the summer sun. High windows and an upturned ceiling on the north of the home also invite that winter sun deeper into the home. Low and high windows adjacent the pool allow the owners to release warm air from near the ceiling during summer while dragging cool air in across the pool for free evaporative cooling.

A solar system and ample rainwater storage means this home goes a long way towards self-sufficiency.

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