It's always nice when other people want to share what we do.

When we started Finesse Built, we knew that we wanted to build client centred, design driven homes like they were our own. Over the years we have been fortunate that others have liked what we do and shared it with a wider audience. Getting one of our homes published is always a nice acknowledgement that we’re doing something right, and a nice surprise for the clients. Presenting our homes on TV is a lot of fun, but we’re not planning a career change yet.

Finesse Built on TV

2023 – April

Open Homes Australia - Sheldon Street

Season 6 – Episode 7

James looks at an award winning home in a heritage area of Adelaide.

Credits – Presenter: James Treble, Finesse Built: Alan Cooper

Aired – 29th April 2023

View the project – Sheldon Street >>>

Finesse Built in the Press

2023 – March

SALIFE magazine - Chapel Hill

Set in stone

A little bit country, a little bit Hamptons, this Adelaide Hills home has a whole lot of style for a family of six to live out their dream.

Credits – Words: Zoe Rice, Photographs: Peter Hoare

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2023 – January

SALIFE magazine - Feature article

Finessed to perfection

Finesse Built owner Matt Beckwith had plenty to celebrate when friends gathered at the gorgeous home he shares with wife Kate Perham.

Credits – Words: Zoe Rice, Photographs: John Montesi

View the article at to perfection >>>

2021 – December

SALIFE magazine - Gulf Parade

Tailor made

A triumph of clever design, stunning interiors and making the most of a sensational seaside location has created a family home that even teenagers will love.

Credits – Words: Genevieve Meegan, Photographs: Sam Noonan

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View the article at – Tailor made >>>

2021 – December

SALIFE magazine Absolute Best Awards 2021 - Victoria Avenue

Absolute Best South Australian Home

Winner: Finesse Built

A residential home design and construction company, Finesse Built are known for their considered home design and high-quality construction. Utilising rammed earth walls in an innovative design, their Victoria Avenue home exceeded the clients’ expectations at every step of the build.

View the project – Victoria Avenue >>>

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SALIFE magazine - Victoria Avenue

Room to move

There’s an art to creating comfort in wide open spaces and the home owners have crafted a feeling of warm family living on a grand scale.

Credits – Words: Zoe Rice, Photographs: Sam Noonan, Portraits: Sarah Long

View the project – Victoria Avenue >>>

2019 – July

SALIFE magazine - Shaftesbury Terrace

Premium SAHOMES: Beachside beauty a labour of love

After more than a decade in planning and building, this multi-million dollar beachside castle took just a couple of weeks to sell.

Credits – Words: Genevieve Meegan

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